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We have supported Whatcom County cities by designing public facilities and recreational areas. We enjoy creating beautiful spaces for families and the general community. Check out a few of our municipal community projects!

Blaine Marine Park 

Over the years Cascade Design Group has added many amenities to Blaine's signature park that overlooks the British Columbia coast. The initial landscape plan included trail systems that run through the park and provide wildlife viewing and tide pool interaction areas. The Marine Park playground was created to provide recreation for young families and embody the nautical theme of the park. The park includes a water reclamation facility that produces Class A reclaimed water from the Semiahmoo development across the bay. Most of the recycled water is sent back across the bay to irrigate the Semiahmoo golf course. The master landscape plan created for Marine Park also included undeveloped areas so that future needs could be incorporated. 

Photo Credits: Ian Haupt

Ferndale River Walk

In 2007, the City of Ferndale requested development of a multi-purpose park along the Nooksack River to celebrate their 100th anniversary. A large fountain was situated at Main Street. The local Lummi tribe collaborated with the city and created totem poles that were incorporated into the central portion of the park. The fencing installed along the river’s edge provides access points for community fishing.

Photo Credits: Ian Haupt

Blaine Lincoln Park 

Lincoln Park is located on the eastern edge of Blaine. The park is a largely undeveloped landscape that hosts Blaine’s first 18-hole disc golf course. The landscape plan was prepared in collaboration with the Whatcom Disc Golf Club. The layout of the course had to accommodate an existing public trail. Covered and uncovered picnic areas were installed to provide park visitors with a place to take a break and enjoy lunch.

Photo Credits: Ian Haupt

Semiahmoo Shore Restoration

Construction techniques used in the early development at Semiahmoo Spit damaged the natural beach. Discussions with the City of Blaine and Department of Ecology brought up the opportunity to restore the shoreline. This method of restoration had not been previously attempted within the state. The man-made bluff was carefully removed and the natural beach profile was recreated. Native shoreline plants, rocks, and beach logs were added to provide habitat and stability.

Photo Credits: Ian Haupt

Lynden City Hall

The new Lynden City Hall facility was designed to meet the growing needs of the community. The overall landscape was developed for this historic brick design with plant varieties and furnishings that reflect a conservative and practical community. The plantings and site furnishings emphasize low maintenance and durability.

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